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The Value of Christian Education Part 3

Hope Academy, a private, Christian, mission school, will open its doors this September with a goal to develop the whole child. Our focus will be on helping students develop academically, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We aim to equip students to be well-rounded people who will be positive contributors in their places of work, family, and Canadian society.

To help us develop the whole child, Hope Academy has the following education goals for its program:

  • Mature as a person in relation to self, others, and the environment. A student’s social development will be enhanced by group interactions, and exploration of the school environment and wider community. High moral standards and high expectations for behaviour will be characteristic of all social relationships developed at Hope Academy.


  • Discover and develop particular gifts and talents. Each student has unique gifts and talents. By providing a rich, academic, and experiential setting, the student will be encouraged to discover, develop, and use his/her unique gifts and talents for service to self, others, and community.


  • Develop abilities of perception and judgment in moral and ethical matters. Through interactions and relationships experienced at Hope Academy, the student is led by the teacher to develop an awareness of a responsible way of living. Building positive character traits will be taught and modeled by teachers, and practiced by the student. These character traits include: respect, honesty, responsibility, empathy, fairness, initiative, perseverance, integrity, courage, and optimism.


  • Follow the norms of good health and fitness: The development of a physical, healthy lifestyle through physical education and health classes, will equip the student to live a healthy life for today and in the future. Proper diet and regular exercise, along with learning to make the right decisions when confronted with unhealthy choices, will make the student strong, healthy, and wise.


  • Develop the knowledge and understanding to fulfill a God-given calling effectively in modern society. We believe God has a plan and purpose for each student. Engaging the student in a broad spectrum of learning activities is preparation for a life of service as responsible citizens.


  • Develop awareness as a learner to adapt knowledge, skills, and attitudes to the ordinary tasks of life. Through instruction in literacy, numeracy, and cooperative interaction, the student will master the basic skills and abilities required in today’s society. The program equips the student with the educational competencies which are essential for further learning and living.


  • Acquire competencies for living as an adult, especially the sensitivity and skill necessary for effective communication. The program provides educational opportunities that build strong literacyand numeracy skills. The student is nurtured in the ability to listen, speak, and read with discernment.


  • Train and discipline those skills necessary for satisfaction and productivity in the world of work and advanced levels of schooling. The education program not only develops skills, but also shapes attitudes and instills confidence in the student. As the student becomes a competent learner in the classroom, he/she is being prepared to face challenges and make wise choices.


  • Acquire appreciation for customs, habits, and beliefs of other faith communities, ethnic groups, and cultures. Through personal stories, books, poetry, art, music, and excursions in the neighbourhood, the program provides opportunities for the student to experience and appreciate other communities.
  • Develop a deeper commitment to God. Through devotions, Bible study, and teacher direction into the wonders of God’s creation in all subject areas, the student’s faith in, and awareness of, the God of the universe is nurtured.

For the reasons above, I encourage you to call or email Hope Academy in North Etobicoke to enroll your children for September. Hope Academy is registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education and is open to students from all backgrounds and religions from JK-Grade 5. It is a Christian, mission school directed by a Principal and teachers who are Christian, certified professionals registered with the Ontario College of Teachers. The school is also a member of the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools which has over 70 schools operating in Canada.

There is excellent value in choosing Christian education for your children! Please call or email Hope Academy to register for September, or for more information at (416) 254-1617 and/or [email protected]