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The Value of Christian Education Part 2

Choosing a good school is one of the most important decisions that parents make for their children. That choice will have a profound effect on their development and future success in life. Parents want a school that provides quality academics, strong moral character development, and trains disciplined minds.

Hope Academy, a private, Christian, mission school, will open its doors this September with a goal to develop the whole child. Our focus will be on helping students develop academically, socially, physically, and spiritually. We aim to equip students to be well-rounded people who will be positive contributors in their places of work, family, and Canadian society.

Academically, Hope Academy will offer a program that meets the Ministry of Ontario Education expectations and will go beyond those expectations. Small class sizes will provide a greater level of instruction and care from our certified teachers. The development of excellent language and math skills will be one of our main focuses. Regular homework will reinforce the skills learned at school, and will also enable parents to participate more frequently in their child’s learning. We believe that parents are partners in education; daily contact with teachers at school, and through Student Day Planners, telephone, and email will greatly enhance and support the students’ learning. Through our program, we will equip students to have the skills, knowledge and discipline to be successful for higher levels of education.

Socially, Hope Academy will aim to help students be respectful of themselves, fellow students, and teachers. In setting high standards for moral development and behaviour, we will create a school atmosphere that builds character traits of honesty, care, kindness, and respect. Students and parents will sign our Student Code of Conduct and hold it as the standard for how they relate to all members of the Hope Academy school community. School uniforms will help create a positive, school atmosphere by promoting orderliness, school spirit, and dignity. Our students will have many opportunities to learn together in group settings which will help them develop excellent communication and other interpersonal skills. Hope Academy will be a place where students feel happy, included, and accepted by all members.

The development of a physical, healthy lifestyle through our physical education and health classes, along with opportunities for outside play during recesses, will challenge and equip students to live healthy lives for today and in the future. Proper diet and regular exercise, along with learning to make the right decisions when confronted with unhealthy choices, will make students strong, healthy, and wise.

Spiritually, we will encourage students to grow in their relationship with God. We will expect that students are respectful during Bible reading, prayer, singing, and when speaking about God. We will help students respect God’s creation by learning how to care for themselves, others and the created world.

For the reasons above, I encourage you to call or email Hope Academy in North Etobicoke to enroll your children for September. Hope Academy is open to students from all backgrounds and religions from JK-Grade 5. It is a Christian, mission school directed by a Principal and teachers who are Christian, certified professionals registered with the Ontario College of Teachers. The school is also a member of the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools which has over 70 schools operating in Canada.

There is excellent value in choosing Christian education for your children! Please call or email Hope Academy to register for September, or for more information at (416) 254-1617 and/or [email protected] .

Andrew Straatsma

Principal, Hope Academy