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The Value of Christian Education Part 1

Choosing a good school is one of the most important decisions that parents make for their children. That choice will have a profound effect on their development and future success in life. Parents want a school that provides quality academics, strong moral character development, and trains disciplined minds. Parents want their children to be successful, productive citizens of this great country, Canada; they want their children to positive contributors to Canadian society.

As a school Principal for the past 20 years in Burlington and Barrie, I have seen the impact that private, Christian education has had on the lives of students. Graduates from these programs have done very well in future educational pursuits having developed the skills, knowledge and discipline necessary to meet the rigorous requirements of higher levels of learning. The high moral standards and high expectations for behaviour set in these schools have positively impacted the character development of the students. The Christian values learned have greatly contributed to the success and wellbeing experienced by our graduates in their families, society, and places of work.

For the reasons above, I am very excited to announce that a private, Christian school called Hope Academy is planning to open its doors in September 2013 in North Etobicoke. Hope Academy is open to students from all backgrounds and religions from JK-Grade 5. It is a Christian, mission school directed by a Principal and teachers who are Christian, certified professionals registered with the Ontario College of Teachers. The school is also a member of the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools which has over 70 schools operating in Canada. Hope Academy is offering a program of academic excellence, high moral standards, and firm discipline taught by caring teachers. Its program will prepare students for higher education and a life of living as responsible, productive, Canadian citizens. Also, Hope Academy will provide a Christian nurturing environment where children will experience care, love, and safety.

There is excellent value in choosing Christian education for your children! Please call or email Hope Academy to register for September, or for more information at (416) 254-1617 and/or [email protected] .

Andrew Straatsma

Principal, Hope Academy