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A Bright Future -- Making the Most of Your Child's Education

What is it like?

One of our Grade 6 students shared the following: "At my last school my teacher never had enough time to answer my questions, because class was too full with over 30 students. Here at Hope Academy (H.A.) I am able to get the attention I need to be successful. Every night I am required to do homework and research for projects I am working on. This school makes me work very hard."

Grade 5 student had a few comments on math that she wanted to share. "I have found that the topics we study are at least 2 grade levels above where I was at my last school. H.A. makes us study extremely hard and I feel I have a better grasp and foundation of mathematical concepts. She continued about dress code; I am very happy to be here and I am also thankful that this school uses uniforms. I like uniforms because it makes us feel we are part of one large family that works together."

There are times when a child needs extra tutoring. One of our Grade 3 students commented, "When I was attending another school my mom required me to have a tutor at least 3 times a week. Now that I am at H.A., this is not needed anymore. My studies have improved and I feel better about myself." At Hope Academy the student-teacher ratio is very low. Therefore, he has one-on-on assistance when he needs it.

Grade 4 student has been very happy with the religious teaching at our school. She pointed out, "At H.A. we are given a framework for knowing what is right and wrong. They have firm expectations and will correct us when we drift. I enjoy learning about God in a safe and caring environment. I love this school."