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Forming Your Child's Mind and Character

What do you want most of all for your child? Is it to have him own his own car, his own house, work for high pay, marry and raise a couple of children some day? Is it a desire to have him happy and successful? This is the dream of many people.

But also, for many, this dream is only surface deep. Many people dream of looking good; being successful and wealthy. They want to keep a good reputation and will go to all costs in order to preserve it. And so they work hard, spend lots of money, get their kids to study hard, and show what they've accomplished by themselves and for themselves. But true happiness and joy go much deeper than that.

What kind of attention are the kids getting? Are they really obtaining a good education that helps to shape both their minds and their characters? Or is it only about making good marks in order to get that good job some day? And how can they even manage to do that when so much of public education today is social engineering; teaching the child to accommodate to life in a corrupted, twisted society and be tolerant of all, without standards and guidelines for living? Do you really want that character to be formed in your child?

We have a small mission school operating on our premises at the Hope Centre. It is called Hope Academy; a school that offers all facets of education from a Christian perspective; open to all backgrounds. It is truly a happy, secure place, where teachers are kind and compassionate. The children learn not only subject content, but what life and living are all about.

After three years of holding classes there, we see tremendous impact on the lives of the students; academically, emotionally, and especially in behaviour. They are flourishing and gaining confidence to contribute to their world when they've completed their elementary education.

When minds and characters are built from the inside, out, the futures of these children are much more promising than just 'looking good'. They will be instruments to actually affect change for the good of our society, starting in their own homes and communities!

What a tremendous privilege we as parents have to invest in our children. How are you investing in them and to what extent? They are young only once.